Create buildings in minutes

We have games where anyone can easily put together buildings or even cities, so why not apply the same simplicity to game development?

We love Unreal, why leave it?

Learning a new software for every single task is a pain, not to mention the headache of constantly exporting and importing files. No new installs, no new interfaces—you can skip all that.

Step inside!

When you're finished with the exterior, you are ready to do the interior. We set the table but leave you in full control.

Absolute flexibility

The plugin works with any modular 3D asset pack or you can just create your own. It also works with nanite, lumen and all the cool new things Unreal has to offer.

Comes with styles

While modular asset packs from the marketplace work well with MirroPolis, we also offer an ever-growing library of building kits, which are tested and ready-to-use.


We are almost ready!

We're working hard to finish everything for the release. Things are going well and the plugin should be ready to help you very soon. If you'd like us to send you a reminder when we're ready, just put your email in here:

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